Purpose Conference

Last week we partnered with Wildwon on the Purpose Conference and transformed COMMUNE Waterloo into a creative hub for Australia’s purpose-driven businesses.

The event explored the ethics of exponential tech, mental health & human well-being and systems change & the new economy. Amongst a jam packed lineup, some our our top highlights included talks from Joost Bakker zero waste designer and restauranteur, Stuart Anderson cofounder of Flowhive and Rachel Botsman author of Who Can You Trust.

The incredible 2 day conference took over the entire precinct, with inspiring keynotes, breakaway workshops, green spaces, demos and delicious food. The rooms were filled with passionate and curious minds, all coming together to learn and share their ideas, and a contagious energy to get moving on bringing positive projects to life. We came across so many people working on diverse positive and purpose driven projects, and can't wait to see what collaborations have evolved from the conference.  

We love working with creative and socially driven people, so if you’re a freelancer or a startup with big ideas looking to join a co-working space filled with like-minded people, check out our hotdesking options, memberships and book in a tour.

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