For Film's Sake: Fight Night

In partnership with Corporate Fighter, For Film’s Sake staged an all gal Fight Night at COMMUNE to celebrate the end of their one-of-a-kind festival putting woman on the stage. In a poignant display of strength, Fight Night was the perfect closer for the festival which bolstered confidence, inspired action and proved their ain’t nothing wrong with fighting like a girl. Exploring a comparative case study between how women are navigating barriers across the film and boxing industries, the evening featured 12 female amateur fighters and filmmakers across 6 fighting bouts, and generated a platform for important industry dialogue. 

When looking at the current industry, there are some hard-hitting facts:

  • 85% of female directors never make a second or third film
  • Female representation in the film industry has not improved in 40 years
  • 80% of film school graduates are female yet 78% of the film workforce are male
  • 93% of all cinematographers are male
  • Females represent under 30% of speaking characters on screen
  • For every one female director there are 15 male directors

Focusing on experience, For Film's Sake activates content in new and unexpected ways, challenging audiences to actively engage in the problem of diversity in the film industry. FFS's objective is to pave the way for the future of audiences - rather than the present - and curates a wide selection of films made by women for audiences crossing all language groups and demographics.

This festival was no different, and the closing night featured ‘Unladylike' as well as premiering the powerful documentary 'Burqa Boxers.’ To round off the evening, FFS crowned the winner of the inaugural Big Pineapple competition to give $50,000 funding to an inspiring female filmmaker to produce a feature length movie. Awarded to Jan Catatonia, she was chosen from a pool of 305 script entries for her concept titled Yuki, which will also be screened at the 2018 FFS festival.