I-Manifest: The School of Sustainability

Inspired by the beauty of nature; Kiehl's, I-Manifest and Yan Yan Chan joined forces for the blossoming of The School of Sustainable Beauty at COMMUNE. I-Manifest uses creativity to empower youth to find their passion and live their purpose. 

Over 3 days, a host of amazing collaborators and mentors came together to re-imagine traditional learning environments and give people a hands-on approach to creativity, this time focusing on sustainable beauty. Yan Yan Chan worked alongside students to create an ethereal, multi-disciplinary body of work inspired by nature, sustainable processes and unique natural ingredients. The traditional mediums of analogue film and collaging by hand were explored to encourage experimentation and resulted in a beautiful showcase of all of the student's work.

Full gallery is up on the facebook page now, and for more information, check out the I-Manifest website.


Mentors and Collaborators include:

  • Kiehl's
  • Yan Yan Chan
  • Lucy Tweed, Cool Edies
  • Jane Frosh, Cool Edies
  • Bronwyn Gascoigne, Gascoigne & King
  • Stuart Chapman, Indisposable Concept
  • Laura May and Hannah Gibbs, Nagnata
  • Darren Luk, Every Last Second
  • Travis Horsfall, Multimedia Milk
  • Joey Astorga, Alfie;s Kitchen
  • Bonnie Grace (vocals)
  • Timbermill furniture and prop rentals