INTERVIEW: Jamie Preisz

Maybe you have caught him mid collaboration at one of our roller door events, or perhaps you’ve admired the gorgeous artworks sprawled throughout our Erskineville co-working space? Either way, you might notice we are big fans of local Sydney artist Jamie Preisz. From his roots in spray painting sprawled across the inner west, to his fine art selected for acclaimed international exhibitions, Jamie’s work is nothing short of incredible.


His paintings explore themes “surrounding demise, romance and aesthetic through a lens of modern portraiture" with a more recent interest in nostalgia and retrospect. While taking inspirations from these ideas, he also reflects, "I am most inspired to create when feeling my happiest or my lowest. The times in between I read a lot, and listen to podcasts about science.” 

Jamie has been a part of the Alpha Artist community for 4 years now, which has played a big role in developing his practice. “Alpha has been an amazing experience in navigating and refining my interests. It offers a motivating presence in my life, by having access to advice from artists I respect, which in turn has helped me to find my voice. I have had my studio space downstairs for the last two years and having that space to think and work has given me a freedom to create and a confidence in taking on new challenges.”

Collaboration has always played an important role for creative communities, especially in the street art scene. Jamie came together with Sindy Sinn to create an epic skull on the COMMUNE Roller door showcasing a unique fusion of both of their styles. "Sindy is a real character. He is like some sort of strange arty, pirate, viking. I think doing something like the Roller Door Collab really takes the wank and anxiety away from the art world, two artists with completely different styles sharing a space and having some fun while doing it. Collaboration is great to remove your ego from the work and there is no one better than Sindy to take you down a peg or two.”

Jamie is always getting excited most by his next project, “Everything I work on has meaning in its own way, but this series of works I'm about to exhibit have been what I have wanted to show for the last three years. This one holds a very special place in my heart. I have been so busy with exhibitions and travel that I hadn’t had time to put together the show I really wanted, and now COMMUNE have come together, with the help of Young Henrys with the best local brew, Tatachilla whose labels have my paintings on them and Maybe Frank my favourite pizza place in the world, to put on an opening which has everything you could want in a show.”


The exhibition “Unrealistic” came from the idea of making your own goals important. “When people tell you your goals are unrealistic or a waste of time it can be really hard to keep going, but it’s important that you do. This series was both a conceptual and technical endeavour. I pushed my skills to make these works and it was an exploration of realism in painting. Because of the nature of the medium, you as an artist have seen the work in every stage and you are hyper aware of every stroke. To me it was the process of painting a realistic work that spoke to me, every outcome of that process acts as a milestone to look at and realise how far you have come.”

Unrealistic opens: 6pm, Saturday 24th June at COMMUNE Waterloo. 


Check out more of Jamie’s amazing work through his website and instagram @jamiepreisz