INTERVIEW: Kaylene from StartUp Creative

In the leadup to the What the Hell Next? Workshop this Saturday at COMMUNE, we had a chat to successful entrepreneur and founder of StartUp Creative Kaylene Langford. 

What is your background in creative industries and business?

I founded StartUp Creative in 2014 when I was working with the QLD government to reform the youth sector across the state. My role was to funk up how youth services were delivered to young people to make them more relatable and effective. Before that I had started a youth mentoring program that supported youth at risk. My background has always been in finding creative ways to engage and educate young people. It was around the time that I was developing the business model for StartUp Creative while I was learning about the world of startups and entrepreneurship. I found it so intriguing and really related to the startup way of doing business. I decided to mix my passion for education and young people with my interest for startups and gave birth to what is now know as StartUp Creative

How did StartUp Creative begin and what does it offer for young creative people?

It started with me delivering 6 week courses to young people on how to turn you passion into a business. Not long into it I jumped in the deep end of starting a magazine from scratch. Over the past 2.5 years it has developed into a business incubator for young people who want to make their passion their careers. 

I offer:

  • 1:1 business coaching for anyone who needs help starting or growing their business
  • What The Hell Am I Doing? an online Course for those just starting out 
  • What The Hell Next? Marketing 101  E-Book and Workbook for those who are looking to grow their business and get more customers 
  • Workshops - like What The Hell Next? Marketing 101 Workshop at COMMUNE Saturday 1st April 
  • Magazine - showcasing the stories of young entrepreneurs and educating more people to be their own bosses 

What has been one of the biggest successes you've witnessed coming out of this program?

Over the past 2 years I have worked with literally 100’s of people who have ideas for business but no idea where to start. Some of the most inspiring stories of those who have worked with me are the ones who finally take the plunge to pursue their dreams. My guess is that every single one of us has an idea for a business or is working on a ‘passion project’ on the side whilst hustling away at a day job that doesn’t inspire them. A majority of us are SO capable of making our dreams a reality if we believe enough in ourselves and are willing to do the work! The success isn’t always in the big businesses that are created, but more in the big leaps that are taken by everyday people who are chasing their dreams. It is hard work and scary AF to run your own business, but if you’re brave enough to give it a go and prepared to go the long haul, you can’t fail! What I’ve learnt over the years is that, entrepreneurship is no easy ride but the freedom that it gives you to design your own life, every second of it, is priceless! 

Your next workshop "What the Hell Next" is coming up this Saturday 1st April at COMMUNE. What should people expect from the day?

A whole lot of fun and down to earth business advice. My passion truly is helping you to build epic businesses that provide you with the lifestyle of your dreams! If you are in need of more customers, clarity or direction for your business join us this Saturday and I will personally offer you everything I know to help make you’re dreams a reality. 

On a practical level we will be covering all things marketing.

At the end of the 5 hour workshop you will walk away with the following; 

  • A crystal clear understanding of who is your target market and what to do with that information to make more sales and increase your following 
  • Knowledge and strategy on how to find, grow and nurture your super fans 
  • Comprehensive marketing health check - find out where your marketing is lacking and identify what is working for you and your industry 
  • Clear understanding of what your advertising budget and 'return on investment' should be 
  • Knowledge on how to set up your lead generation and sales funnels to get more customers 
  • Identify 5 marketing strategies that are best suited to your business/industry 
  • A killer marketing plan and action points to implement it as soon as you get home 

When trying to find the perfect spot for a workshop like this, how did you find COMMUNE aligning to the goals of StartUp Creative? 

COMMUNE is the funkiest venue in Sydney so obviously it aligns with the the funkiest business incubator in Sydney!

Personally I hate going to workshop or networking events in boring rooms with grey walls and no windows! It doesn’t inspire me one bit! I love that COMMUNE is open planned, lots of white walls (great for Instagram photos) had lots of natural light and fresh air! If that doesn’t keep you inspired and focused they will fill you with tasty coffee! What more could you ask for in a workshop venue? 

What are some of the common mistakes creatives can make when first starting out?

Procrastination and excuses! There will always be a million and one reasons as to why the timing isn’t right! Don’t listen to them! Just start! If you really want it, you will find a way! If you don’t know where to start, join us this weekend and we’ll sort you out! No excuses! 

What would your key piece of advice be to young creatives looking to start a business?

Be authentic. The most successful businesses are an extension of the founders! If you try to be something you’re not, you’re bound to stuff it up. Be yourself, stay true to you passion and don’t do shit you hate, life is way to short. Do more of what you love and let it become your career! 

What's next for you and StartUp Creative?

Lots! We are excited to partnering up with COMMUNE on something special later this year! I am also working on something extra special for our magazine which I think our audience will love. Stay tuned on our IG @startupcreative and FB/startupcreativeau for all the details. 

For more information about StartUp Creative check out their website, and grab your ticket to What the Hell Next before they run out.