Locally Made Talk Series

At COMMUNE Locally Made markets on April 3rd we are launching a Makers Talk Series with a few established and new makers. Here is a short interview with Robert, from Some Artists, who will be kicking off the series this Sunday.

Take a look at what he has to share about using unique materials that last a lifetime. 

1. Please describe your product and what makes it unique? 
Our range of concrete stools are a complete hand made process, from mixing of the concrete, pouring and finishing, we believe in creating each item individually to ensure they meet our standards of quality and will look gorgeous in your home or work spaces.

Our Concrete bookends are an investigation into redefining the traditional bookend inspired by minimalism, created in a full hand made process. 

Our Geometric candle range is inspired by architecture and geometry creating their unique aesthetic, they are a global first of their kind in candle design. Each candle is individually hand made in Sydney, from sewing the wicks with thread and needle into the moulds by hand, to pouring, signature colouring, and light elegant scenting to ensure the candles are not overpowering while providing a beautiful blend of design and function. 

2. How did it go from a hobby into something more?
From the start I knew I wanted to develop a business that focuses on design and function, creating great pieces to introduce to ones home or workspace. My business is fairly new and there is a lot of exciting products which will be launching over time to come! 

3. What challenges did you face when you first launched?
Leading up to launching, I had to learn and master a completely new set of skills coming from a stills and motion background to develop my products and business in a new field. It was both challenging and massively rewarding as I’ve wanted to move into creating physical tangible pieces.

4. How does your community or environment inspire your product?
One of my biggest inspirations is to create products which have less waste and last for a longer period of time. The use of concrete and hardwood for the stools ensures they are strong and will serve well for the long term with a buyer rather than a product with shorter life spans leading to waste. The candles are designed to serve a double life too, buyers can use them as a candle and a scented ornament.

Their scent ratio has been carefully crafted to be able to release a gorgeous scent in a room while they are not burning. The packaging and product tags we use is all recycled and we encourage buyers to recycle the packaging to reduce our waste, the cardboard boxes for the candles is sourced from companies who create boxes from recycled cardboard, and the shredded paper is also created from recycled cardboard. 

Check out Some Artists market stall at COMMUNE Locally Made on Sunday April 3rd 10-5pm at  19 Eve Street, Erskineville