Kaleido Shorts

As part of the Newtown Festival week, we presented the first ever Kaleido Shorts, a screening of short films and web episodes celebrating Inner West filmmakers, directors, writers and producers. The screenings were followed by short talks providing a glimpse into their process and getting into the industry.

The night featured actor, writer and producer Nicholas Denton, filmmaker and producer team Toby Morris and Margo Lowry, sound recordist and film audio mixer Sam Freeman, and actress, writer and director Diana Popovska with collaborator and filmmaker Luke Wood. The lineup of incredible talent, covered a diverse range of perspectives looking into the process of filmmaking, and spoke about the importance of storytelling, collaboration, trust and guerilla filmmaking tips.

All ticket holders scored themselves a copy of Kaleido Issue 2, free popcorn to nibble on, and spiced beer from Beer Creative