WSU: First Pick at COMMUNE

COMMUNE recently hosted, FIRST PICK, an industry portfolio night run by Western Sydney University (yes now officially the WSU) for their 4th year design students to showcase work and get first-hand feedback from industry experts.

The night had a warm atmosphere of progress and learning, full of laughter, networking and sharing of ideas. Jen Noorbergen and Michelle Catanzaro co-ordinate the design faculty at WSU and hosted the night for the students.

The evening was designed for students to get a real sense of showcasing their work and relying on the effect of a first impression. Students were asked to hand-pick the work they wanted to showcase as well as set up their own display – adding to the pressure of presenting their most passion-driven and impressive designs.  

The room boasted aspiring graphic designers, typographers, digital designers and animators. The combination of mixed media presentations certainly raised the bar for the next generation of emerging creatives.

Over the night, there was a great response from industry professionals making an appearance. The students got to meet creatives from Frost* Design, The Distillery and Soap Creative to name a few.

Many students commented that navigating the creative industry is not only about the quality of your work, but relies heavily on your ability to network and having the confidence to put yourself out there. UWS offered a hands-on and practical approach for these students to do exactly that.

COMMUNE's events and co-working spaces aim to foster connection between emerging and established creatives. We host workshops and events such as this one which are designed to help develop and nurture creative skills, ideas and talents.

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