South King Block Party

Block Parties are one of those special things it takes a whole neighbourhood to create. COMMUNE needs to thank their neighbours first and foremost. Without their unanimous support none of Saturday could of happened. Not a single complaint from anyone and that's why we next would like to thank everyone that came. You know who you are. You were brilliant. What a vibe. Thank you for proving it could be done. 

Next I'd like to thank Train Tracks who we collaborated with to make it all happen on the day. Their expertise at public space events and amazing team who worked tirelessly to ensure everything ran flawlessly. 

All the amazing artists who painted, sprayed, drew, shot and played all day.

And our generous friends who came along to make it a party; Jenny from Young Henrys, Dave the Food Rascal, Beefy of Slim Jim Caribbean-bbq, Matt from Lentil as Anything, Sydney, Alpha House, Shannon from Aisle6ix Industries & AS Colour, Devlin from Sydney Street Art Project, DJ Harry Sounds & Brendan King, Brad Eastman, Samir of Le Garage, Jennifer of Kaleido, Lynsey from WatersEdge Yoga and Ashleigh West. 

Thank you. 
Share the Love - COMMUNE x